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Metronome Blue by AjueTheMod
Metronome Blue
my siren oc!! she doesnt have much of a backstory currently, but her personality is the equivalent of a homewrecker, and loves to tear rifts in romantic relationships with her allure 

she is a lot older than the dazzlings, her human age being around her 40s. she stays low, and can incredibly patient with her victims, but she doesnt seek true world domination, but simply to keep her magic.
Starlight Stitch by AjueTheMod
Starlight Stitch
Name; Starlight (Stitch was added when she got her cutiemark)

Age; 16

Gender; Female, she/her 

Relatives; Lilian (mother), Nocturne Astromos (father), Lily (big sister), Crimson Recur (big sister)

Talent; Her cutiemark is of a coral-pink pony doll, indicating her love to sew and make plushes and dolls.

Personality; Starlight is quirky and lovable, and will easily form bonds with anypony she finds enjoyable. A bit naive at times, so she can sometimes be too generous in her gifts, especially if she's taken advantage of. But her insecurities come into the light when put under pressure, especially when the subject of her family comes up.

Disabilities; Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, partially deaf in her left ear.

History; Born on the 13th of December, the third daughter of Nocturne Astromos and Lilian. Immediately noted for looking very alike her father, but became very close with both of her parents, tending to be very clingy and afraid to do something by herself. She was pretty close to Lily, and tried to play with Crimson, but often got rejected, but she didn't pay it any mind. 

Skip a head a few years, Starlight had just reached 8 and the family was distraught over Crimson Recur running away, several search parties leading fruitless and Starlight's parents started to close off with the loss of a daughter. This impacted Starlight greatly as she was finally left to her own devices and became much more nervous and shy. Soon after, Lily became more absent, almost completely missing from her little sister's life.

4 years later of healing, Starlight and her parents started to go back to normal again, Starlight much happier now that her mom and dad was. 
But as she was returning home after shopping in the market, the house was wrecked. Inside... were two ponies laying lifeless on the floor, the floor stained red as a demon fled out the back just out of the corner of her eye. Starlight Stitch was devastated,  her depression and uncertainty digging itself out to hit her hard

She never fully recovered from her trauma, but managed to cover it up with her old childish attitude, but this has negative effects since she's tends to deny serious issues and try to shelter herself as much as possible, and busy herself with her work.
A Princess Bedlam Cometh by AjueTheMod
A Princess Bedlam Cometh
beholddd behoooolllldd

one of my birthday gifts for :iconcastorochiaro: ! happy birthday gurl may you have many more snake boyfriends
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: nothing r/n my computer might crash otl
  • Reading: gross fanfics
  • Watching: Big Bang Theory
  • Eating: Noodles
Best Character: Celestia mi amore
Best regular mane six: Twilight or Rarity ye
Best CMC: Sweetie Belle yyyee
Best season: hmmm tbh season 4 is my fave atm its hard to choose
Best episode: Filli Vanilli bc it deals w social anxiety and singing in private tis me ok also the pilot
Best Season 4 episode: the finale hhhh
Best ship: anything w hate love and all the sexual tension fuq
Best two-parter: Twilight Kingdom againnn but a canterlot wedding was rly gr8 too changeling noises
Best Element: generosityyyy i am hereee

Worst Character: you expect me to hate em what
Worst Princess: not so much hate but i honestly dont think lunas that great
Worst regular mane six: NON
Worst CMC: babiesss
Worst Season: ehh season three maybe i only liked a few
Worst episode: uhm
Worst Season 4 episode: i wasnt that much of a fan of the equestrian games but ye
Worst Ship: tbh i cant bring myself to romantically ship fluttercord or lunacord
Worst two-parter: Princess Twilight Sparkle wasnt the best way to start off season 4 but it was ok

What I think about Rainbow Power!

What I think about Equestria Girls!
i fucking loved it i love sunset shimmer and rainbow rocks cant come out soon enough fuq


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