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[NG] Bonita by AjueTheMod
[NG] Bonita

Bon, Bonnie

Princess Celestia (Mother), Discord (Father), Athena & Schisma & Discord Jr. & Samenflüssigkeit & Atalanta & Fillagree, etc. (Sibling), Fluttershy & Twilight Sparkle & thediscordedcelestia's Discord and Discorded Celestia (Friend)

Bonita was born frail and awkward, and as such Discord named her Bonita (meaning kind) as a tribute to his best friend. (his first choice was Fluttershy Jr. but Celestia insisted on an original name since they already had a junior) Discord gladly took her along to hang out with her honorary aunt, and the two went along swimmingly. She grew up to be much like Fluttershy too; shy, but kind to every creature.

Soon enough another alternate version of her mother, broken and corrupted by the Discord in her reality, sook refugee in their dimension and hoping to flee the abuse of her Discord gone mad. Naturally curious and worried, Bonita asked the discorded Celestia what had happened, and why she had to run away.

The alternate Celestia explained that her world took place many years into the future, in which the majority of ponies known here had passed away of age with the exception of Twilight with her alicorn blood. The element bearers had passed on as well, the death of Fluttershy hitting her Discord hard with grief. After brewing for a long while with his grief, he lashed out as a result, wreaking havoc, blinded by grief and rage. He hunted down Luna, intent on discording her so that Celestia could feel the same pain as him. But Celestia intervened, proposing that he spare her sister and take his anger out on her instead and spare the rest of Equestria his wrathful tyranny. He complied, turning the alternate Celestia into a depressed husk of herself and free to take out his anger on her in anyway.

Entranced by the alternate tale of her parents, she asked if she could come and see this dimension but was quickly denied, deeming it too dangerous since the other Discord did not know where she had disappeared to, and he didn't need to know by tracking down a tear in reality. She hesitantly agreed, but secretly studying dimension magic since she had been intrigued by the subject. 

But both Celestias and Discords fears proved to be true, as the alternate Discord finally found his Celestia, enraged by her escape and seeking blood. Bonita burst in as he had the disheveled mare by her throat, ready to deal a potentially fatal strike, but froze when he caught the sight of the young draconequus, looking awfully similar to...

He dropped the beaten alicorn, frozen in fear at the sight of Bonita. She attempted to reach out to him, but he flinched away and was gone in a flash. She and her parents helped the other Celestia get to the infirmary, the gray alicorn and Bonita sharing a glance of confusion of the prior events as she was rushed out.

Several weeks passed as Celestia healed, Bonita mulling over the encounter and the story she was told. Dots gradually connected in her head; her uncanny resemblance to Fluttershy, the other Discord enraged with the death of his best friend, his Fluttershy. Approaching the Discorded Celestia, she questioned what her Discord was like before all this happened. He was just like her father here, joking and unafraid to challenge authority, but secretly craved a friend who accepted him for who he was. 

With this information in mind, she came to a decision; reform the other Discord and be his friend. Celestia and Discord were very reluctant, her father specially, but the discorded Celestia knew what she was onto and explained that it was important he became stable again, lest he come back. They hesitantly let her go with this, all four traveling to the alternate reality and confronting the mentally ill draconequus.

He was understandably frightened and upset, refusing to see them at first. But Bonita coaxed him to hear her out, and explained that they were here because she had come to help him and wanted him to accept the proposal. She continued saying that she knew of what had happened here, and wished to help him recover from his grief, and make him happy again. There was a long silence before the creak of Flutteshys cottage door hesitantly revealed a part of his face as he sneered at the three adults accompanying Bonita, his distaste masking the question of what their terms were.

The following results were slow, but steady, as Discord slowly opened up to Bonita, mostly just wanting company at the start. As the day went on, she visited more and more as she decided to permanently stay with him and help him everyday. Eventually he allowed her to go back to her dimension, deeming it cruel to cut her off from her friends and family just to be friends with him. So every once in awhile he allowed her to have visitors, still cold towards his alternative self and the two Celestias, but small steps.

Soothing creatures of any kind, and able to see the root of a problem rather easily.

Princess and "caretaker" of the alternate Discord.
[SU] Rhodochrosite by AjueTheMod
[SU] Rhodochrosite
made a new ref since i wanted to give her a new outfit

Rhodochrosite (also known as Rho) is a high ranking gem of the Homeworld council, and specializes in mapping out planets and finding the most fertile land to harvest gems due to her heightened sensory sensitivity. She has an assistant, Kakortokite, who helps her by describing landscapes and whomever. 
Rho is very perceptive of movement in the air around her, and she uses her fan to bend the wind to blow enemies away with force and rushes in for the kill while they're dazed.
OPEN Two Ponies Adoptable Auction by AjueTheMod
OPEN Two Ponies Adoptable Auction

Bullet; Purple #1 OPEN 15 points
Bullet; Purple #2 owned by :iconhibari-ky0ya:

PSA; you're allowed to whatever you want with them, but no reselling, claiming credit for the design, etc.

please mention me in the description if you draw them, i'd love to see what you've done with them!

base by :iconlooji:
OC Adoptable Auction by AjueTheMod
OC Adoptable Auction
decided to sell off some old ocs of mine

#1 "Blue Dagger" 50 points

#2 "Glowing Tailon" 50 points

#3 "Lightning Shock" 50 points

PSA; you're allowed to whatever you want with them, but no reselling, claiming credit for the design, etc.

please mention me in the description if you draw them, i'd love to see what you've done with them!

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